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Three visions of Rome, possible experiments that focus on regeneration, reutilization and valorisation of what already exists, in areas selected specifically in the heart of the capital. Three opportunities to develop alternative scenarios on the city of the future, considering the questions in continuous evolution: from living to infrastructural cover, from socio-cultural services to public areas. Parallel labs to show that the change needed to improve the life of citizens and the quality of urban areas comes from recovering the abandoned and unused heritage, as well as starting new targeted constructions.

Seven days of meetings, events and visits to the areas selected in the centre of Rome, to identify project solutions and possible experimental alternatives on urban regeneration; but most importantly, to give life to visions on the city of the future, questioning the urban scene in the upcoming years, identifying and proposing tools and projects to fix unsolved problems. A firsthand experience to wonder about the new paradigms of quality and sustainability, and the reading and understanding of the requests coming from the territory and the community.

SPAM workshop is divided into three laboratories, each focused on a specific area of intervention and guided by a professional at international level. The people responsible will be: Orazio Carpenzano, Manuel Aires Mateus and Gianluca Peluffo.

The sense of being in a lab will encourage the highest level of research, also challenging the limits and restrictions imposed by property and the current administrative procedures, still focusing on the general issues and on an open debate on the real regeneration of the areas selected.

The lab activities will focus on three areas specifically identified and decided upon with the Municipio I of Roma Capitale. Mercato dei Fiori; via Giolitti; Cittadella Giudiziaria in Piazzale Clodio

Tutor of the labs
Aires Mateus’s lab: Monica Ravazzolo and Leonardo Paiella
Orazio Carpenzano’s lab: Paolo Marcoaldi, Fabio Balducci and Luca Porqueddu
Gianluca Peluffo’s lab: Michal Bogar/University of Bratislava, Domenico Faraco, Ernesta Caviola

A focus on the Cittadella Giudiziaria a Piazzale Clodio will be presented at Casa dell’Architettura, day October 11th at 12 pm, by Giovanni Salvi, Procuratore Generale of the Corte d’Appello of Rome.



Casa dell’Architettura, pavilion in the garden

from 11.10
to 17.10

Spam Book

Meetings with authors

fri. october 11th  | 2 pm – 3pm
“Guido Canali. Architetture per Prada”
author: Guido Canali
[Edizioni Prada]

presentation by Francesco Aymonino
talk with the author Guido Canali

sat. october 12th  |  2 pm – 3pm
“La stazione della metropolitana propulsore di urbanità diffusa”
authors: Giovanna Bianchi, Alessandra Criconia
[Architetti Roma Edizioni]
talk with the authors Giovanna Bianchi, Alessandra Criconia

sun. october 13th |  2 pm – 3pm
“Edge of Order”
authors: Daniel Libeskind with Tim McKeough
[Clarkson Potter]
presentation by Roberto Grio
talk with the author Daniel Libeskind

mon. october 14th | 2 pm – 3pm
“Guida all’architettura Roma. Opere e progetti dopo il 1945”
author: Marina Kavalirek
[DOM publisher]

presentation by Alessandro Franchetti Pardo
talk with Cinzia Abbate e Clara La Fuente

tue. october 15th | 2 pm – 3pm
“Roma 2030. Il destino della Capitale nel prossimo futuro”
author: Domenico De Masi
[Einaudi Editore]
talk with the author Domenico De Masi

wed. october 16th | 2 pm – 3pm
“Il valore del cambiamento”
author: Patrizia Di Costanzo
[Architetti Roma Edizioni]
talk with the author Patrizia Di Costanzo

thu. october 17th | 2 pm – 3pm
“Me chiamo Sercio, Sercio Romano”
author:Giovanni Giusti
[Edizioni Efesto]
talk with the author Giovanni Giusti and with Luigi Stanziani


Casa dell’Architettura, monitor P
free entry

For the entire duration of SPAM, our library will offer promotions of the books presented;

Book signings are foreseen for every presentation.

Spam Books is an event in collaboration with AR Edizioni and libreria dell’Ordine degli Architetti di Roma

from 11.10
to 17.10


Architecture classes for children, to strengthen civic awareness among the youngsters. Architecture is everywhere, is it the world we live in, which the new generations need to understand, improve and change. This is why during SPAM there will be daily events as a contribution to an aware growth on the topics of the city, because regeneration also brings the young. The initiative is for different age groups: from elementary-school children to high-school students.


Casa dell’Architettura

program /// high school and secondary school

activities with PLANS 

fri 11  I.C. Francesco Saverio Nitti

mon  14  I.T.C Di Vittorio – I.T.I. Lattanzio

tue 15  I.C. Antonio Rosmini

wed 16 Liceo Artistico Statale “Caravaggio”

thu 17  Liceo Artistico Statale “Caravaggio”


Program /// elementary school

activities by arch. Didier Veronica | Design Director of Studio Costa Architecture,  Michelangelo Pace | Visual Artist, Enrico Filippi | Architetto.

fri 11  Scuola Primaria Enrico Toti

tue 15 Scuola Primaria Guido Alessi.

time: 11.00/12.30


convention 11.10
tour FORO ITALICO 13.10

Spam Maps

SPAM tour

The “Foro Italico” event will take place on 11 and 13 October: a convention – planned for Friday, 11 October – and a Sunday walk – Sunday, 13 October – through the modern architecture of the buildings in the sports centre. With the help of expert guides, it will be a chance to further explore the topics addressed during the introductory convention and appreciate the details, features and evolutions of the works. It will also be possible to visit the Sala Rossa where there will be a projection of images from the time of construction.

information on the convention on Friday, 11 October

download the flyer of the walk on Sunday, 13 October

the walk is no more available because the maximum number of reservations has been reached

from 11.10
to 18.10


SPAM is a festival also open to emerging realities. In order to select the under-35 speakers to be invited on the various days of the event, we opened a call through the New Generations network which promoted cooperation and international cultural exchanges among young architects.


Casa dell’Architettura,

Fri 11.10 – Fri 18.10 | 9.30 a.m. – 10.00 a.m. | main room

SPAM is an annual festival promoted by OAR – Ordine degli Architetti di Roma (order of architects of Rome) to spread a renewed culture of the project. An event that wants to bring the attention on the problems and issues that regulate the urban, social and economic transformations of great contemporary metropolises, with special focus on the capital city.

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