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casa dell’architettura | piazza manfredo fanti, 47 – roma


from 10.10
to 10.11

The Machine of Marvels / Sartoris

The exhibition presents a wide anthology of drawings by Alberto Sartoris. This designer, with inexhaustible creativity, underwent schooling in Geneva and Turin. In the twenties, he attended the artistic avant-gardes associations and participated in the foundation of CIAM in La Sarraz. Distinguished as one of the greatest architects of the Modern Movement, he has demonstrated his great graphic mastery based on a precise humanist philosophy. For him, architectural design is the manifestation of an idea that takes shape, it is imagined with precision even before it is realized. His drawings are the manifestos of his thought, graphic and plastic conceptions destined to produce architectural inventions that he will elevate - through his serigraphs - to avant-garde works of art.
In collaboration with EPFL and Istituto Svizzero Curator: Salvatore Aprea | Director of Archives of the Construction Moderne, EPFL, Lausanne Project Set-up: Emanuela Petrone Where Location // Casa dell'Architettura, Piazza Manfredo Fanti 47, Ring 1 - Free Admission
from 10.10
to 10.11

Francesco Berarducci

Starting at the end of the 1960s, all of Francesco Berarducci's project works can be read under the leitmotif of a research, experimented and pursued through the specific means of the project and of its physical realization, supported and systematically structured through drawings and mostly unpublished theoretical writings that accompany it. A research focused on the structure and on the architecture of the city, carried forward with a coherence and a unity of intent that allows the interpretation of each realization as an unfinished fragment of an idea on a larger scale.
By Carlo Berarducci / In collaboration with MAXXI Where Casa dell'Architettura, Monitor P room Free Entry
from 10.10
to 18.10

Best Italian Exhibition Design Selection 2019

Simona Finessi describes the Best Italian Exhibition Design Selection project affirming that temporary architecture is generally considered the Cinderella of design; instead, it represents a very important part of the expression of design both in terms of quality and productive opportunity for many small professional realities. The exhibition was designed to give maximum emphasis to the showcased content; 45 temporary architecture projects that serve the contents without ever prevailing over them, 16 (15 +1) triangular-based minimalist display totems easily reconfigurable and adaptable to spaces of different dimensions.
By Angelo Dadda In collaboration with Platform Architecture and Design Where Casa dell'Architettura, Ring 1 Free Entry

SPAM is an annual festival promoted by OAR – Ordine degli Architetti di Roma (order of architects of Rome) to spread a renewed culture of the project. An event that wants to bring the attention on the problems and issues that regulate the urban, social and economic transformations of great contemporary metropolises, with special focus on the capital city.

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