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casa dell’architettura | piazza manfredo fanti, 47 – roma

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Gerard Loozekoot/UNStudio

Gerard Loozekoot received his Master of Architecture from TU Delft, after which he joined UNStudio in 2000. Alongside two other partners, Gerard has been part of UNStudio’s management team since 2008. Gerard has extensive experience and interest in complex design processes with a focus on typological innovation. Projects in which he has developed his knowledge include the Theatre Agora in Lelystad, the UNStudio Tower in Amsterdam and the King David the Builder International Airport in Kutaisi. Innovation in the field of sustainable solutions is the main focal points in his projects, like the Karle Town Centre, a tech campus in the hearth of Bangalore Manyata Tech Park.
In the EEA & Tax Offices in Groningen and the luxury residential and retail development Le Toison d’Or in Brussels, Gerard demonstrates that integrated sustainable solutions represent a new benchmark in the work of UNStudio. The distinctive effect of colour and light form an important area of study for UNStudio and can be evidenced in the Den Bosch A2 Ringroad project, the pavilion for the World Horticultural Expo in Qingdao and the I’Park City residential project in Suwon.
As a UNStudio Partner and Senior Architect, Gerard is actively involved in all phases of the design and construction process. His all-round experience with projects of different scales means that Gerard is able to advise different stakeholders on all issues related to development, realization and extended life-cycle.

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