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Collectif Etc

Born in Strasbourg city in 2009, out of the architecture school, Collectif Etc aim to gather desires toward civic dynamics of public space’s issues. Using different resources and skills, Collectif Etc wish to offer various supports for experimentation.The way France designs its cities mainly follows top-down and hierarchical process. Together with experts of city planning, it usually follows strict spaces and fixed times. Nevertheless, we think that the collection of disparate city users (both experts and citizens) might be all, at different scales, actors of their own environment. We hope to interfere in that vertical framework and set up a network of social and artistic interactions, creating meetings and debates. Our projects desire to be optimistic, open-minded and directed toward the spontaneous cities’ audience. Most of them deal with public spaces, and try to include local citizens into the creative process. They figure built installations, urban furnitures, scenographies, light and removable set-up. We also initiate meetings, debates, participate to many conferences and pedagogical workshops. The aim of these urban experiments do not only take its importance in the built objects but mostly in the tracks that lead to it, the new atmosphere and unused behaviours it might produce. “Collectif Etc” is a non-profit organisation since 2010. As employees, we’re eight architects and one chief administrator, though we regularly work with some twenty other partners. We try out self-management methods and autonomous ways of working together since the very beginning. That way, we hope to prove that democratic and horizontal mode of operation is both possible and accessible. In 2012, Collectif Etc has ride all around France with its “Détour de France” with one idea on mind : “civic city planning”. In 2014, along with a few others, we created a publishing house around these issues called “éditions Hyperville“. In 2016, we’ve settled in a Marseille city’s suburb and started to open our office and create a long term civic local project called the “Ambassade du Turfu“.

© Photo Mattia Lucchetti

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mar.15/lecture + un caffé con...

SPAM è un festival promosso dall’Ordine degli Architetti di Roma con l’intento di far crescere una rinnovata cultura del progetto. Una manifestazione che vuole porre l’attenzione sui problemi e le tematiche che regolano le trasformazioni urbane, sociali ed economiche delle grandi metropoli contemporanee, con un focus specifico sulla capitale.

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Direttore, Roberto Grio

Comitato scientifico, Commissione Cultura Casa dell’Architettura OAR

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