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9-16 october |
The Rome Architecture Festival

9-16 october |
The Rome Architecture Festival

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6 October | 14:30-19:30 h

+miglioramento qualità ambientale; +trasformazioni possibili; +la città come habitat; +resilienza e emergenza ambientale; +climate change


14:30h | introduzione e saluti istituzionali OAR – Flavio Mangione (presidente OAR)

14:40h | Comune di Roma – Saluti istituzionali – Sindaca Virginia Raggi

15:00h | Luca Montuori assessore Urbanistica di Roma (green belt)

15:20h | presentazione giornata – Roberto Grio | Direttore SPAM

15:30h | introduzione al tema – Alberto Sasso | presidente di EUR S.p.A

16:15h | lecture: Christine Dalnoky – (FRA) paesaggista

17:00h | lecture: Lucia Martincigh | Change, docente di Roma 3

17:45h | lecture: Elena Farnè + Luisa Ravanello | ReBus

18:30h | tavola rotonda: Sasso, Farnè, Ravanello, Dalnoky, Martincigh | modera Roberto Grio

19:15h | Q&A

19:30h | presentazione mostra “Città per le persone

spamlab.02 workshop
From 10 to 16 October | 10:00-19:00 h

SPAMLAB.02 is a workshop arised by the partnership between Eur SpA and Spam from the opportunity to create an open and operational planning laboratory, a “think tank” on an apparently autonomous part of the city, the Eur pentagon.
EUR is the first major tertiary and residential decentralization of the capital as well as one of the most iconic and futuristic neighborhoods of the 20th century. The pandemic and Covid-19 have forcibly changed our habits of life, relationships and work, significantly favoring smart working at work on site. This major transformation, which is consolidating, together with the climatic crisis and the nodal role of public spaces, makes it necessary to rethink a new model of city and neighborhood increasingly aimed at people, more liveable and in balance with nature and the ‘environment.
Planning on the Eur pentagon still aims at transforming it into a new flexible city model, which can serve as an urban model for our present and our future.

3 workshops dedicated to 3 key themes for the new vision of the city:

Urban spaces and social life
Light and urban scenography
Resilience and climate change

Seven days of meetings, events and visits on site, to identify project solutions and possible experimental alternatives on urban regeneration.

SPAM workshop is divided into three laboratories. The people responsible will be: Orazio Carpenzano, Vincenzo Latina and Michelangelo Pugliese con Elena Farnè di REBUS® (REnovation of Public Building and Urban Spaces)

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9 October and 11 October | 9:30 h

The event “1960-2020 | 60 years after the Great Olympics in Rome: the development of architecture” will take place on 09 and 11 October: a conference scheduled for Friday 09 and Sunday 11 for a “cultural and sports walk on the symbolic places of the Great Olympics in Rome” with a guided tour of the sports facilities. The walk will take place with the sports modalities of “Nordic walking” to increase participation for amateur of physical activity as the “Over 65”. The architecture of the Foro Italico will be illustrated and the participants, especially the less active, will be invited to the “sports walk” thanks to the technical, sports and organizational support of ASI and FIDAL and with the presence of their technicians and equipment. SCAIS therefore intends to promote a particular event that combines culture and sport together to propose a model of personal mobility, simple but effective.

download the flyer of the convention on Friday, 09 October

download the flyer of the walk on Sunday, 11 October

focus young

From 10 to 16 October | 9:30-10:30 h (main room)

SPAM is a festival also open to emerging realities. In order to select the young architect speakers to be invited on the various days of the event, we opened a call. Through SPAM young designers will be protagonist with lecture and by the participation at the panel discussion in the morning with the other speakers.
spam books
from 10 to 16 October | 14:00-15:00 h (monitor P)

Free entry, previous registration at the entrance.

For the entire duration of SPAM, our bookshop will offer promotions of the books presented; book signings are foreseen for every presentation.
Spam Books is an event in collaboration with AR Edizioni and libreria dell’Ordine degli Architetti di Roma.


Each evening of SPAM will end in the company of the Live Cinema Festival, an international event that brings the most innovative live audio/visual performances in Rome. Free performances are scheduled every evening.
For paid events, discounts are available for OAR members (click here to register for individual events from the program).
Two completely free online workshops are planned for OAR members.


Workshop online I

from 09 to 11 October | 17:00-19:00h

Esplora e naviga il metaverso di UXR:Zoneby Karin Gavassa & Enea Le Fons (ITA)

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Workshop online II

from 12 to 14 October | 17:00-20:00h

3D Modelling Using Blenderby Marco Modena (ITA)

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