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Michal Bogar

Michal Bogár, architect and urban planner, graduated from the School of architecture STU in Bratislava. He is co-founder of studio BOGAR KRALIK URBAN which worked on the field of town planning, architecture and design in the period 1990 – 2017. Starting from 1991 he is registered in the Slovak Chamber of Architects and in 2018 he became a member of the National Committee of Docomomo

In 2018 he founded his own studio BOGAR ARCHITEKTI which focuses on the topic of restoration of disturbed city areas and on new interventions in existing urban texture. The long-term topic of his work is the cross-border space between Bratislava and Vienna. Michal Bogár is touching this topic in the framework of interdisciplinary research starting from 2012. He is working on alternative landscape studies with his studio as well as with students at the Slovak University of Technology. Working on this research and studies he collaborates with human geographers, sociologists, designers and other professionals. He was co-author and editor of the book Bratislava Metropolis prepared in collaboration with the French atelier DPA (DOMINIQUE PERRAULT ARCHITECTURE) published in 2014. At present he cooperates with the Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. In 2019 he participated as an author in the preparation of the book Suburbanization concerning the Slovak-Austrian territory around the capital city of Bratislava.

During more than a 29-years period of practice as an architect and urban planner he prepared tens of architectural studies and competition entries both in national as well as international ambit where they won several prizes. Some of awarded competition entries designed with the studio BKU or BOGAR architekti continued in the form of implementation: New pedestrian zone at the Post street and reconstruction of historical square in the front of Holy Trinity Church in Bratislava (BKU, 2001), Embassy of Slovak Republic in Washington, D.C. (Bogar Fischer Kralik Lizon Urban, 2001), Park One multifunctional Building in Bratislava (SIAL Liberec + project team BKU, 2008), Business Centre BBC1+ in Bratislava (2012), Apartment house and urban villa in Bratislava Raca (2019) and others.

Michal Bogar prepared several exhibitions. With the studio BKU he participated in the 5th International exhibition Biennale di Venezia in in the Czechoslovak pavilion (1991). He exposed with BKU in the premises of the Club of Architects of Slovakia in Bratislava (1995), in K.Gallery Bratislava (2001), in the Slovak Embassy in Washington, DC and in other exhibitions.

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