Kristina Knauf


Associate Kristina Knauf shapes MVRDV project processes for the Urban Studio from early acquisition stages to delivery, driving storyline, design, and the internal coordination of project development through different design phases. With a particular dedication to urbanism and resilience, Knauf champions the development of innovative methods, tools, and products that help to future-proof MVRDV’s office vision and the Urban Studio’s design strategies. Knauf has been integral to creating projects that provide new perspectives for future living on a larger scale, including assisting Founding Partner, Winy Maas, in the supervision of the development of Eindhoven city center, and Resilient by Design, MVRDV’s resilience research for the city of San Francisco as it faces the effects of climate change. 

Prior to joining MVRDV, Knauf worked at award-winning Rotterdam office, KCAP, where she was integral to numerous impactful urban projects, including Park-City South in Cologne. This particular project involved an intense 1-year participatory design process with large public presentations, events, and political discussions. Knauf played a strong role in these to ensure that the masterplan incorporated stakeholder ideas. Outside of her work at MVRDV, Knauf maintains an active role in the architectural discipline, lecturing widely, including at the 2014 Venice Biennale and leveraging her skills and experience to great success. She was part of a winning team for Europan 14 and collaborated in workshops on the productive city with Drom and the City of Amsterdam. 

 “I’m interested in how design can inspire collective processes, and manifest a first vague idea or need into a tangible reality, cherishing uncertainties along the way, but defining a clear future vision at the same time.” – Kristina Knauf




Casa dell'Architettura
24 July
Time:  18:00 - 0:00
Location:  Casa dell'Architettura
Speaker:  Kristina Knauf

Kristina Knauf | MVRDV (NL)


city on demand

presentazione workshop

23 July
Time:  10:30 - 0:00
Location:  Casa dell'Architettura

Col. Pasquale Iannotti | Capo Ufficio Accordi di Programma, Convenzioni e Ricerca della Direzione dei Lavori e del Demanio del Ministero della Difesa
con i responsabili: Kristina Knauf | MVRDV (NDL), Ute Schneider | KCAP (NL/CH), Orazio Carpenzano | Sapienza (ITA)


architecture and politics

presentazione risultati workshop + chiusura

29 July
Time:  21:30 - 0:00
Location:  Casa dell'Architettura

Brig. Generale Mario Sciandra | Capo del reparto Progetti e Lavori del Demanio - Ministero della Difesa (ITA) + Orazio Carpenzano | Sapienza (ITA), Kristina Knauf | MVRDV (NDL), Ute Schneider | KCAP (NL/CH)