Marthijn Pool


Marthijn Pool (1980) studied at the Technical University in Delft and at Politecnico di Milano. After graduating in 2005 he worked at ONL (Oosterhuis Lenard) and taught at the TU Delft in the Hyperbody research group. Marthijn leads workshops and lectures internationally on adaptable design processes and parametric design. In 2009 he founds the space&matter office with Tjeerd Haccou and Sascha Glasl. Subsequently founds the innovative platform CrowdBuilding.io to maximize civic engagement in urban planning. Community involvement is an important driver for making Inclusive Cities.

Marthijn’s sharp analytical mindset and hands-on mentality continuously redefines the boundary of the professional practise of Space&Matter and CrowdBuilding.

Our cities need Open Systems in order to grow and become resilient and not rigid. People should be able to change the environment they live in, the longer they live in them. CrowdBuilding is an online platform, which facilitates individuals to express their individual and collective needs. Doing so we see the common denominators between individuals. The functionality of the online platform stimulates to join crowds and to initiate crowds. A crowd defines a collective interest, such as ‘gardening, children playground, music studio.’ Connect supply and demand. Reestablishing this valuable connection is essential for future developments. The customer is at the beginning of the development chain and actively interacts in the decision making.

We develop (online) tools that assist us in making more inclusive and connected environments by proposing a translation of the online behavior into its offline behavior and physical manifestation.




Casa dell'Architettura
24 July
Time:  17:15 - 0:00
Location:  Casa dell'Architettura
Speaker:  Marthijn Pool

Marthijn Pool | Space & Matter (NL)


ecological transition

restart Roma | transizione ecologica e comunità energetiche

25 July
Time:  16:30 - 0:00
Location:  Casa dell'Architettura

modera: Christiane Bürklein (DE)
Francesca Danese | Forum Terzo Settore (ITA) + Annalisa Corrado (ITA) + Marthijn Pool | Space & Matter (NL)